(The post was originally made by Queen Marie of Romania on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/marie_of_romania/?hl=ro)

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"Queen Marie of Romania has around her the allurement of romance and adventure. The stories of the Queen’s exploits are unbelievable! And everything is believable in the Balkans! (…) For twenty-nine years, the beautiful Marie, far more beautiful than her photographs capture, has lived a life of great activity, making love, writing, marrying off daughters, and quite frankly running the country. (…) When she enters a room, everyone rises – not to the Queen, but to the woman! Marie had many obstacles to overcome – obstacles which would have blocked the way of a less gallant fighter. Beyond all, she is the greatest monarch and the cleverest diplomat in Europe. While old men, worn out by a war they never understood, are rattling around playing with this strange ineffective thing called ‘new diplomacy’, Marie of Romania, by her woman’s wit, is marrying an empire. The day of government by marriage is said to be gone. And perhaps it is, in Western Europe, but the countries of southern-eastern Europe are not yet enjoying the same era. Marie definitely believes so. First there were the weddings that tied Romania and Greece in double bow knots. Then there was the ceremony that tied Alexander of Yugoslavia to Princess Marie of Romania. And next – as soon as the war wounds heal, and the beautiful Princess Ileana grows up – there is Boris of Bulgaria waiting to join Marie’s royal household. (…) The most important thing to remember, is that Marie has always won her victories alone! It is just possible that she may be a major factor in establishing and maintaining the peace of the world. For she has achieved what many statemen have tried, but none have ever approached, a foundation for unity in the Balkans. As a queen, Marie is the most picturesque and perhaps the most powerful woman in the world.”

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-Extract from the chapter ‘The Woman Charlemagne’, dedicated to Queen Marie, in Frederick L. Collins’ book ‘This King Business’, published in 1923.-

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