Dear nameless

It was fun while it lasted

You know what I mean

The endless smiles; the whispers in the night

But you took my heart and robbed my soul clean

That's why I write to you now

Like the stupid idiot I am

And I just want to ask how?

How did we fall to dust?

How did we loose so much love?

I know I'm a fool for the babyish tears I've cried

To put back those perfect puzzle pieces

You see part of me died

Parts of me do die

Every time I see you with those girls

But then I realize-

You are no longer mine

Because our fling has run out of time

I'm sorry I gave up

I'm sorry I held on so long

So tight

While you weren't mine

The story of us would simply go:

There were two; that were deeply in love

And then there was one; who continued to hold on

And then there was none; because the silence took away our fun

I'll say this once and never again for you are not the boy of whom I've laid claim

I love you

I loved us

And I'm so very sad

It turned to dust

Maybe if you hadn't lied and said you would be there always

Maybe if you hadn't shot me that smile

Maybe if you said you were sorry for torturing me

I would've kept you for a longer while

You're so clueless of how much you have on me

Why did you responding to my texts become so rare?

And why did I start to care?

Maybe I just wanted it to be how it was in my head


But I guess being me has its downsides

You are my kryptonite

You are my mousetrap

You are my first love

And tbh I'm sad it's ended

You'll probably forget me

That's okay. I don't mind

Because for you and me

We've run out of time

- a poem from Broken, a collection of poems I have on wattpad

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