So there's this guy. We are friends with each other because of the fact that there is nothing more we can be. You may be saying "just date him, it doesn't matter, as long as you like him its okay" but honestly its not.

Have you ever wanted someone so bad, that some nights as the moon shines in from your windows and you closed your eyes, you can get the quick smell of their scent
The scent that you have gotten close to, but not close enough?

For me, the scent was the smell of this green soap that I couldn't place a name to but that I wanted to be closer to.

I couldn't get closer to that scent because I was merely hiding behind the title of a friend because I was afraid to become a lover.

Besides what would lovers do?

Hold hands? Kiss each other? Have sex?

Sex? A three letter word, that means so much, a three letter word that is so embarrassing and so intense.


Its a three letter word that some nights I yearn for, and I still dont know why.

Sex and holding hands and making eye contact, are why I still continue to be your friend instead of your lover.

The line between being your friend and being your lover is so thin, its so thin that one single moment could make me cross it.