August 24, 2017

Dear Whi Community,

We are so thrilled to bring you Articles, possibly the most important feature release we've ever done. Articles profoundly expands the Whi toolkit for creative expression. As you start to use it, take note of the exceptional talent, passion and compassion in our community. We're loving it and we hope you will too.

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The Whi community is brimming with incredible literary and journalistic talent. Articles was just born and already we've seen thousands of truly exceptional submissions from our fellow members. Our whole team is humbled by your talent and giddy to keep reading what you have to share next. THANK YOU to all the early-adopter Whi writers out there. Keep it up, you're amazing!

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One of the profound things about this release is the one-of-kind canvas for expression that Whi now offers. Articles allows you to take what you want to write and marry it up with the endless beautiful visual imagery of Whi. It enables you to integrate more context, more perspective, more nuance. It helps you make good writing better, and makes it easier for you to just get started. Articles gives you the power to publish your work to a supportive community of readers. It lets you speak your mind, share your truth, join the conversation and make people laugh. That's powerful stuff!

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For anyone who hasn't published a Whi Article yet, or may feel too shy or uncertain, Articles is for you too! Articles can be about anything - from a list of things, like My Five Favorite Whi Collections or My Top Three Movies of All Time, to poetry, short stories, fan fiction, life advice, movie reviews and so much more. Articles was designed for all kinds of writing. Need inspiration? Dig around in your favorite corners of Whi to see where it takes you, that always works for me. Most importantly, just try it. We would love to read what you have to say.

Thank you for being such an amazing community. What you have to say matters, so let your voice be heard. And have fun with Articles!

Tim Crowhurst
CEO | Whi

PS - Do you have feedback for us? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at