Meet Aria ,
She is an African princess, the next in line to be the leader of the ACHI (strength) Tribe.
She just moved to the Big City from her mainland and is trying to adjust to modern life.
Aria is brave, strong , loyal , hardworking and doesn't take ISH from anyone .
The ACHI Tribe is currently at war with the UKKUU (greatness) tribe for the ultimate leader of the nation.

Aria is incredibly smart and go a full scholarship into an American university. As she is due to take the throne soon , she has a target on her back and must do everything she can to keep safe.

She made a deal with her father to go into hiding. She will attend the USA university in order to keep a low profile and must not let anyone know she is royalty. If her secret is revealed, she and anyone around her will be in great danger.

A hopeless romantic, Aria wants to find love, meet people, make new friends and have awesome experiences.

Who knows what will happen in her 4 years away from home?
What will her first adventure be?

Stay tuned to find out more!

(I'll be sketching pieces of her story exclusively on this page, be sure to follow Aria's Adventures right here! @abbigaylewarner .Also keep up to date with my illustrations by following on instagram)