(this post was originally made by aloejellies on tumblr xx)

Keep almonds in your pockets for good luck or when you need to find something.
Grow cacti on your property or in your home to promote protection. Grow aloe on your property or in your home to promote healing.
Brick dust or incense ash can work as a substitute for black salt.
Hang seaweed in the kitchen to keep evil spirits away.
Ask an orange or other fruit a yes or no question before peeling and eating. Count the seeds for your answer. Even number for no, odd number for yes.
Stir clockwise for luck/health, and counter-clockwise for banishing and ridding of negativity.
Soak lemon peel in water and use the mixture to wash negativity from objects, especially if they’re second-hand.
Write protection sigils on the soles of your shoes.
Certain spells call for burying jars. Try using a cardboard box or tube instead.
Bury a raw egg in your yard to welcome abundance and fertility to your home and garden.
Write sigils on leaves. Burn them for warding, bury them for welcoming.
Cut an apple in half, and give one half to your SO to for a prosperous relationship.
Peach and Avocado pits ward off negativity.
Keep salt in the shaft of a used up pen and carry it with you for protection.
Tie seven matches together with red thread, and light them all at once. Hold them upright until they burn out, and keep the bundle with you for motivation.
Scatter chili peppers around your house or hang them like you would to dry them to break a curse.
For luck: Soak a handful of sunflower seeds in a bowl overnight. You can use whatever you’d like to soak them but I use salt water. The liquid should soften the shells. Use a needle and thread to string them together into a circle. I like to make a bunch to leave around my house, to keep with me or to give to friends. Sewing them like this might be tricky so if you don’t want to, you can also sew them into a little pouch.