(this post was originally made by horaeetumbra on tumblr xx)

0. Fool – meditate to some calming music, find a nice track and let it fill your mind and body
1. Magician – recite a mantra of some sort, word or phrase, pick something meaningful to you, not just what the internet suggests
2. High Priestess – the practice of attending: look at and assess each thought you have as you meditate
3. Empress – focus on self-love, find things you appreciate about yourself, let love fill you and your soul
4. Emperor – count your heartbeats or your breaths
5. Hierophant – take this time to recite a prayer to a higher being, speak a blessing of some sort, or your equivalent
6. Lovers – send love, good vibes, and blessings to a loved one
7. Chariot – focus on each body part separately, flexing and relaxing each part from your toes to your head
8. Strength – stand up and do the sun salutation or a similar yoga exercise, or if you’d rather, go work out
9. Hermit – ask a deep, philosophical question and ponder on it for awhile
10. Wheel – diaphragmatic breathing: breath deeply from the diaphragm, so your stomach moves but your chest does not
11. Justice – find five things or people you are grateful for and meditate on them
12. Hanged Man – the practice of mindfulness: simply let your thoughts pass by as you meditate, not focusing on anything in particular
13. Death – take a short nap! please wake up, though
14. Temperance – the practice of visualization: visualize your dreams about the future
15. Devil – focus on each sense individually, what do you feel, hear, see, if you want you can eat a small treat and focus on what you taste
16. Tower – candle meditation: focus on a flame, image of a flame, or some sort of object
17. Star – take a bath or shower and focus on the water cleansing both your body and mind
18. Moon – acknowledge your worries, then give them up or let them go to a higher being
19. Sun – sit in sunlight or other bright light and focus on the brightness, draining all your negativity away to be replaced with positivity
20. Judgment – focus on the energy within, how it interacts with the earth and others around you
21. World – stand up and take a walk, preferably walk outside through nature