(this post was originally made by songsparrowwitch on tumblr !)

This charm will give you the courage that you need! This spell is best performed on a Monday although any day will work.
⭐ Gather basil, thyme, mustard seed(s), black pepper, tiger’s eye, a jar, and what you will use for a charm.
Optional ingredients: Neroli, agate, fluorite, yarrow, tea leaves (peppermint is best but any will do), iris, and/or clear quartz.
⭐ Charge your items with your intent and place them in the jar (do not place the object that you’ll use for the charm in the jar yet). As you place each item in the jar say, “[Item] give me courage, give me strength, help me to be courageous throughout the day.”
⭐ Hold the item you’ll use for the charm in your hands. Close your eyes and visualize the object being a source of courage. You can do this by envisioning an aura around it, tell the object to give you courage when you need it, etc.
⭐ Place the item in the jar and let it sit under the light of the moon overnight.
⭐ Carry the charm with you and rub it or touch it for courage!