She smiled on noticing the fresh, purple petals, artfully spread in the shape of a flower over the bed. Scented candles released the aroma of jasmine, possibly Neroli, she wasn’t sure which, maybe both, but instantly they brought a sense of calm. The candles were literally everywhere in the room. Their light against the rose tinted walls gave a soft sun-kissed tone to their skin. He had even brought the laptop in and put the music player on. He held her hand and asked her to join him, guiding her towards the bed. With a slight tug of the towel wrapped around his waist, it slumped to the floor. Bea couldn’t help but blush seeing him sitting on the bed, gloriously naked, waiting for her to do the same. She gulped, feeling a little uncomfortable at permitting her body to be entirely exposed with nowhere to hide. His sweet, gentle smile gave her a sense of security, and she too, bravely, let her towel fall to the floor. Still hesitant, she slowly climbed onto the bed, while trying to discreetly pull the sheet up in front of her. He shook his head while gently pulling the sheet from her hands. “Who's hiding now?”