You call yourself my friend. But do you even know my favorite color? What's my favorite book? How about my favorite author? You see these are just some basic things a "friend" like you is suppose to know. It's sad to see you struggling just to answer the first question.

You may not see it as a big deal and that's okay. After all that's just the type of person you are. But what about the times I had my panic attacks at school? Where were you when I was crying in the bathroom stalls during lunch. Oh that's right you were too busy hanging out with the cool kids just to fit in.

Now that school is no longer in session I rarely hear from you. Not a single text asking to see how I'm doing. And the times we do text I'm the only one making the conversation. It took me a while to notice all of this because I was blinded by the love I had for my so called "friends." I put so much effort into a relationship where the love was only one-sided.

I feel sorry for you because you lost a friend for life. Who would have thought that friends can break hearts too.

But you know what...I'll never talk behind your back. I'll never spill your secrets like those "best friends" you love so much. Do they even know why you hate when it thunders? No?

Do you even know why I dislike summer so much? Maybe you'd know if you'd pay closer attention to me.

Oh and by the way my favorite color is green not pink. You'll no longer have to struggle to answer that simple question.

- mayra


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