Disney ruined my high school experience. I’m almost positive I can speak for everyone here when I say I thought high school would be like High School Musical. Don’t get me wrong, I knew there would be some things that wouldn’t be like the film, but what soon-to-be freshman wouldn’t enjoy the idea of singing about their not dancing or playing baseball during gym? I mean, it’s a cool way to kill time, and let’s face it: how is that not fun? Okay, so high school isn’t what I thought it would turn out to be. I didn’t get to meet the “love of my life” or have a chance to be a part of the school musical or get to yell “Wild Cats!” in the middle of the hall (which to be fair, it wouldn’t have worked anyway, unless you are my brother or sister or friends, who would gladly participate in that with me).

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, why don’t we? Imagine a tiny freshman girl, fresh off the streets of “Who Could Care Less About That State?” She is so excited to start high school, where there will be singing and dancing and happiness. Okay, I knew the singing and dancing thing was a stretch, and in fact, it probably — no — it wouldn’t have happened, however, what about happiness? I mean, what’s a girl got to do to see happiness around here? Everyone acts like it’s a foreign feeling or something. If you can’t sing and dance, then why not be happy? At least make that High School Musical dream come true. Please.

Where were we? Right: memory lane. So, small freshman girl, ready for high school, walks in third day of school with a pink shirt that says “be yourself” with a bird wearing glasses, hair in two braids, then — a face full of laughter. Think about it: if we were in High School Musical, everyone would be fawning over the attire I had on that day. Or maybe not. Actually, the populars probably would have laughed and made fun of me. Oh wait, they did. Why can’t we just go to a school where populars and everyone else can just get along and sing “we’re all in this together!” and sing and dance and clap? Oh wait, we can’t because that school doesn’t exist! See what you did, Disney? You created a false reality for so many almost high schoolers. You should feel ashamed.

On top of that, since we’re blaming Disney, where’s my perfect hair or my Prince Charming? I think he got hit by a bus or got lost or something because he has yet to arrive. Or what about adventure? Why can’t you give me that, Disney, huh? HUH? Okay, maybe I’m being a little too harsh because you are indeed my favorite. But that doesn’t make up for the pain you have made me endure as I struggle through high school. I want to sing in the halls and dance in the lunchroom about the “status quo” and not be judged for it. Or meet the cool guy at my school while away on winter break by being pulled away from my amazing book and forced to sing with a complete stranger. I mean, if you can’t make the rest happen, that last thing will do.

The point is, Disney, I had this whole expectation based off something you created. How hard is it to give that to me? If vape squad and insane, possibly life threatening rivalries was High School Musical, then I thank you for bestowing that dream upon me, however, it’s not. As a senior, I would like to say you have greatly disappointed me. I thought you trusted me, but I guess I was wrong. Adios, high school dream. It’s been real.