Bea hovered for a moment by the side of the shop door and took a deep breath, bracing herself, before slowly moving the blind aside. A dark figure stood in the rain and she quickly released the blind. “Shit!” Her heart raced. He didn’t see me, she reassured herself. Luckily, the figure’s back was turned. After a few more seconds, she plucked up the courage to take another peep, this time from a different angle. Once again, she slowly pulled the blind to one side when a face suddenly appeared by the glass. She jumped back holding her chest to make sure that her heart was still intact. Finally, once she regulated her breathing, her fingers reached up, slowly unlocking the door.
“Bea?” He said soft, as Rain droplets tippled down from his hair onto his rounded face. His deep blue eyes quietly pleading. She was speechless, not knowing whether to laugh or cry with relief and stepped aside leaving the door ajar before making her way back upstairs.