This is a message for you, a storyteller!
A writer, an artist, a designer, a poet, or just a random creative person who keeps beautiful stories in your heart.
I am talking about you, a person who loves to make your own fantasy and characters as an escape route.
I am pointing my finger throught the screen and reaching all of you, wonderful people full of creativity and imagination, who put your personal experiences, beliefs and feelings to the paper, making them alive and inspiring those who are around.

First of all, thank you so much for making stories and your characters alive. This is a message about how beautiful creating stories is and how WHI can help us, storytellers and artists, to get a nice inspiration and feel our characters throught pictures.

When I first joined WHI years ago, I didn't took much time to realize how organized and clean this website is, and personally saying, this a pretty good point for a social media nowadays. Back then, I already concluded that the best thing here is that I can check pictures for personal inspiration anytime I want. I can save everything I want in collections and tag them. No need to worry if it's saved in my computer or not because it's all reliably here, in WHI. It's simple, practical and convenient, all of this with a beautiful and cute design detailed in pink.

After some time, I discovered a way to bond the website to my biggest passion, which is creating stories. I started to make collection for it, those aesthetic collections, right? And it is absolutely cool! I put in there pictures I can relate to my characters, like clothes they would use, things they like, their color palette, people I can relate physically to them, quotes they would say etc.

As an example, my original character (OC) Kanel Gävleberg. Even a person who doesn't know who she is can feel a little bit of her vibe. Take a look.

Kanel is a smart and serious swedish girl, who loves cats, cute desserts, old-fashioned japanese TV shows and books. She has a detective atmosphere and had a lot of adventures in Egypt! Now she is working hard to be an amazing defense attorney.

See? Just looking to those pictures you already know a little about her.

And by taking a good look to the website throught collections and users I follow, I noticed that is not really something uncommon among the story creators. I have seen a lot, and A LOT, of amazing collections for fanfics and specific stories.

Allow me to share some!

They are really cool!

I'm always scrolling the collection of my characters and I feel so proud of it all. I feel inspired. I feel like I'm improved a lot because I didn't choose those pictures for nothing. There is an entire context and meaning behind it. They have their dialogues, concepts, personallities. And seeing how the pictures fit with my imagination is the best thing ever.

As a writer and artist, WHI has been doing a fantastic help to my inspiration.

Let's see some more!

Does not need to be an especific character though. Do you want to make a story inspired in space and stars? Or maybe a beautiful dryad to be the main character of a new fanfiction? Make or follow some good collections about it! There is a lot of pictures that can help you to visualize what you have in mind.

So, just keep sharing with us your stories! Make collections about your OC's! Post art about them! Tag things about them! Talk about them! Heart pictures that reminds you them. Share with your friends, your family, with us, with everyone you want. Make the world know about your stories! Be alive for them and for your imagination.

Be a proud escapist.