Hi peeps :D,

It's nice sharing a little more with you guys. Really happy about this new feature. I see a bright future for the platforn that is We Heart it :).

Anyways; For this one I wanted to keep it pretty simple and introduce myself a little bit to you. Throughout my collections and my posts, you're able to get a little bit of who I am, and what I like; But I will take this occasion to get closer to you people. Because I am happy and thankfull that I have that many followers from all around the worlds, with different interests. For a simple user that have been passionate about the social network for about 4 years now, its quite a lot :), So thank you again because as an artist, it gives me a lot of inspiration. Even if you don't care, I have to share that with you.

So now let's get straight to it with random facts :)...I got inspired by Vogue's "73 questions". Instead for me it's gonna be 33 questions.

Name: Hadja or Marly for the fam.

Where I am from: Senegalese-Swiss .

Job: College student in Ottawa, Canada

Dream job?: Concept artist

Biggest passion in life: Art (especialy drawing) and Family.

Few things I love: Baking, The Ocean, Traveling,Cinema, Music, Nature, History,Photograhy,staring at the moon & the stars.

Crush: Patrick Sharp, Shawn Mendes (my hubby), Chris Evans, Anthony Joshua, Mario Casas (God forgive me,,,xd).

Favourite color: Burgundy.

Favourite sports: Hockey, Rugby & Swimming.

Favourite sports team: The All Blacks, the Springboks,the Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, Ottawa Senators, Warrios.

Favourite ice cream flavour: Cotton candy (especially the ones of Cold Stone and Blue Bell).

Best book I ever read so far: "Kitchen" by Banana Yoshimoto...actually made me cry

Idol or hero: I don't really have an idol or a hero (I don't believe in that) but I freakin love Gordon Ramsay

Zodiac: Pisces born the 6th of March (yaass!!!). My rising sign is Scorpio & my sun sign is Cancer ( with that many water signs, I could pretend I am a mermaid lol).

Tea vs coffee: Tea all day everyday.

Spoken language: French, English, little bit of Spanish.

Things I dislike: Beets, sashimi, jealousy, ignorance.

Phobia : Scoleciphobia (scared of worms and anything that looks like it).

Things I'm good at ; Drawing, being creative,calmness, humour, daydreaming, eating, sleeping.

Things I am pretty lame at : Sharing food, staying awake, soccer.

Favourite meal: Breakfast.

Favourite time of the day: night time

Favourite bands: Maroon 5, TLC, ABBA, Little Mix, Bigbang, Blackpink, Guns & Roses, 21 pilots, MAGIC!.

Animals?: cats,dogs (huskies, goldens,aussie Shepherds), pandas, parrots, black panthers, white lions, orcas, polar bears...but unicorns are my favourite...hehe.

Funny people I like: Trevor Noah, Hannibal Buress, Conan, Dave Chappelle,Chris Rock, Jim Carrey

Type of flicks: Rom-Coms, Drama

TV shows: PLL, Orange Is The New Black, Game Of Thrones.

My philosophies : Stoicism,Mono no aware, wabi-sabi

Symbol of predilection? : The cherry blossom tree.It means a lot to me. It's the beauty of life, yet it's fragility. It's also a symbol of femininity, etc...

Anything I collect?: rare coins, snow globes, tickets of concerts and shows I go to.

Things I wish really existed: Unicorns, Hogwarts, Riley Freeman...haha

Superheroes?: Deadpool (my favourite), The Black Panther, Storm, Elektra , Batman,

Thanks for taking the time to read & see ya soon ;).