Hi friends, victoria fashion reporter here, bringing you the low down on that "whole" ripped and torn look. For a while now we've loved the ripped and torn look, and ever since kylie launched a tsunami of reblogs across the web with her ripped-in-the-butt jeans look last year, girls have gone gaga for rips, scrapes, shreds, and even holes. That's right, we actually pay to have our jeans and shorts ripped up.... and we love it! So what makes a great pair of ripped jeans or shorts? Well i'm glad you asked!

As it happens, i adore ripped and torn everything, haha. but its true tho! well, but wait. not really.... you see some rips are just better than other rips. holes can be cool, or sometimes not. i'm ambivalent on shreds. Scrapes... not so much. but in fact any of those work if they are done right.

Style patrol!

alexis ren, blonde, and sexy image
The iconic Alexis Ren

Before there were rips, there were frays. Here's an iconic early look on the subject from web fav Alexis Ren. Note the randomly frayed legs - random is key to a great look. High cut sides, cut up to the bottom of the pockets are just the thing. And her shape, omg!

shorts, piercing, and summer image
that belly ring tho....

And this web classic is ripped in all the right ways and gets style points for near perfect pocket drops below the cut line. If you can pull off short shorts, go ripped this way and you can't miss. super style points for tan + belly ring, way to accessorize girl!

fashion, indie, and model image
rocking the high waist

These two babes show that ripped and torn works with high waisted as well - yes! chest bump!

fashion, girly, and crop top image
doesn't everybody shop like this?

She's doing the ultimate in short shorts, and with a great ripped look. note the short short pockets showing through the rips, yet short enough to avoid the drop down below the cut line look - style points for avoiding the cliche and going for a new definition of short short short. Kisses for combining knee high boots and crop top with the short short look. Conclusion? H O T !

ass, butt, and goals image
Kylie's famous, ummm, rips?

And that brings us to the style tsunami that is Kylie's rips. O M G! How does she even put them on without putting her foot through the holes???? Well regardless, she's rocking those rips. Perfect threads across the rips, and the rips are so strategically cut, coming close to the rear pockets and highlighting the bottom of the cheeks rather than going lower and hitting the tops of the thighs. So daring! if you try this, proceed with caution!

Well, if you're going ripped, check out my complete Ripped & Torn collection, below. there's every look i've seen - choose what you like and rock it!!!

Rock it girl!