The dull and miserable morning was the same as any other in the UK.
The weather however did not stop anyone from going about their day to day lives as for the citizens this weather appeared to be what some calls "normal."
Although it was just a regular morning, it was not the case for everyone in the small town called Sandy. Many people were on their way to work or school but as for Mr Bumbles he was startled awake when he heard a large thud. He stood up grabbing the closest object to him in order for self defence which ended up being an old worn sock that sat slumped in the middle of his red shaggy carpet. Marching through his house he searched for what appeared to be an intruder. Mr Bumbles searched everywhere he thought someone could be a part from one spot. His hat collection.
Mr Bumbles main hobby was collecting interesting and unique hats that seemed 'different'.
Stumbling over to his collection of hats that sat in his living room he feared for them all. He really loves his hats. Peering around he could not see a person in sight which made him confused as no one could hide anywhere between them. Another noise sounded making Mr Bumbles freeze. Suddenly a bright blue and gold hat began to shake on top of a cupboard. Light began to shine from it blinding the poor man. Mr Bumbles stumbled and tried to run away as the hat shook more violently which made the full house start to rumble. The hat then fell off the cupboard and rolled towards Mr Bumbles however he could not do anything but stand there which then cost him his life. The hat had rose up and ate the man making him disappear in seconds. Due to the size of the man it made the hat become larger itself. It then started to become greedy and ate anything and everything in Mr Bumbles house but when there was nothing left the hat could not leave it at that. It moved on to the area where it lived. Munching through the full of Sandy people tried to run for their lives but were later eaten for desert.
The army were called in with planes flying above and men surrounding the now ginormous hat and as much as they tried to stop it, no one could control this monstrous beast and it only moved on to the next town.
After eating it's way around the full of the UK, it moved onto travelling the world and eating every country that it came acorss.
Which is how the world then ended.. no apocalypse or nuclear war. Just a giant hat that decided to eat the full world.