He sat on the bed, enervated. He had lost his twin flame, again. He did not hear the light footsteps of his old consort, the Deisi, entering the room, but as her eyes burned into his back he felt the spite in the room and lifted his head a little. “I told everyone to get out. That includes you.” His voice bitter, full of contempt.
“You forget, I’m not everyone.” She rested her hand on his shoulder, which he brushed off with distaste. “Leave me, I don’t need your gloating."
“You want to be left alone to lick your wounds, in private? Only now do you realise she does not love you. All your dreams, your hopes of being together have dissipated into...shadow.” She faded out her voice to emphasize the distance of shattered dreams.

Enervated meaning ~ make (someone) feel drained of energy or vitality.