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My story about how run helps me fight!
Hey, my nickname is Sonnebern and my first name is Karolína.
I would like to share my story with you.
At first I was wondering if I should start writing, but if it helps and motivates a few people, I will be extremely glad.
Why did I start running?
A few months ago I learned that I suffering from a serious illness. When I learned the bad news, it put me on my knees. I have stopped talking to my friends. When someone called me I let the phone ring. Simply I let the phone ring. I didn't answer, I didn't call back! My friends could not even visit me at home! NO VISITS! At that time I wanted to be alone! Without friends! I did not want anyone to regret me! What I wished then was to be alone! I was annoying, evil, enraged and angry on all the world! I simply distanced myself from people. I have stopped walking out, etc.
One healer helped me alot. In August, I got a good news about my health. I started to live again!
I started fighting! I started running. Run helps me fight! My health is far better! I feel much better!
I have a smile on my face again! I apologized to my friends for my behavior. They understood it! I'm talking to my friends again!
I would like to tell all people who are seriously ill: „You have to fight! Don't let depression take control of your body or mind! Don't lose control of yourself!
When you don't fight, it will be very bad! When you fight and think positively, it will be very good!
I'll tell you the secret: „Everything you think will happen to you!“ The Buddha said: "All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become." Simply put, negative thinking - a negative things, positive thinking - a good things!
Health consists of a certain percentage of what you think, also of a healthy and balanced diet and you have to sport and care for your body!
Of course, you must still thank and be grateful for everything. Believe me!
I hope and I believe, that my article will be at least inspire or motivate someone!
If you would like to follow my health journey, which I named "Run for Health", follow my Instagram: @sonnebern. THANK YOU 😘 ☺️!
Lovely evening to everybody 😘 🍀!

With love 😘 ♥️
Your Sonnebern