I am a big lover of make up and all things beauty, i am an aspiring make up artist because make up has become a passion of mine. So i wanted to do a make up article. This post will be the make up i use on an everyday basis.


  • Moisturizer ~ For my moisturizer i use the Neutrogena, visibly clear pink grapefruit oil free moisturizer. This is really good for my skin because i have oily skin. This also doesn't clog your pores.
  • Primer ~ I usually use a pore perfecting primer because i have quite big pores on my face but i haven't reached for one in a while. Instead i have just been using my moisturizer and a primer spray. The spray i have been using is the Superdrug Vitamin E hydrating mist. This isn't actually advertised as a primer spray, however it goes slightly tacky after it has sunk into the skin, which makes your make up stay on all day.
  • Foundation ~ I have been mixing two foundations together lately. The first one is Maybelline, fit me matte and poreless, this is great if you have oily skin as it keeps your skin matte. The second foundation is more high end, and is the Estee Lauder double wear foundation. These two mixed together make a flawless base with really good coverage as both are medium to full coverage.
  • Concealer ~ First of all i use the nyx colour correcting pot in green, to cover up any red patches/blemishes on my skin. I use this under my foundation. Then the concealer i use under my eyes and over any imperfections is the LA Girl pro conceal, this has great coverage to hide any dark circles under the eyes.
  • Powder ~ The powder i have been using is the Rimmel clear complexion press powder in transparent. As this is transparent it doesn't add any more colour to your skin. This helps to keep my skin matte as i have oily skin.
  • Contour/Bronzer ~ I have been using the Makeup Revolution powder contour kit to contour my face and also bronze as it has good colours for fair skin and the bronzer colours are quite natural.
  • Blush ~ I don't wear blush everyday but if i do it is normally a colour out of a Makeup Revolution blush palette as they have lots of different colours in them.
  • Highlighter ~ The highlighter i use is either the Seventeen instant glow shimmer brick, which has four shades that you mix together, this is more of a subtle glow. If i want something that is more brighter then i will use a highlighter out of my Makeup Revolution contour kit.
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Some of the products i use as the base


  • Eyebrows ~ For my eyebrows i use a brown eyeshadow as it makes them look more natural. I'm not good at eyebrows as i only really started filling them in properly for about a year and a bit. I then use the Rimmel brow this way eyebrow gel in clear to set them in place.
  • Eyeshadow ~ I use loads of different eyeshadow palettes and colours on my eyes every day. I change my eyeshadow up all the time. But the palettes i use the most are the BH cosmetics modern mattes and the Makeup Revolution fortune favours the brave palettes. They both have an array of colours that i can work with.
  • Mascara ~ I'm currently using the Estee Lauder sumptuous mascara, this is a good mascara for lifting and adding volume to your lashes.
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Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave palette


  • Lip balm ~ I always use a lip balm before adding any other lip product as it helps to soften your lips and make the surface more smooth. The lip balm i use is Carmex as it is the one that works the best for me.
  • Lipstick ~ The lipstick i use the most is the Maybelline vivid matte liquid lipstick in 50 nude thrill. This is my perfect nude and the formula of the lipstick isn't drying and uncomfortable.

To set all my make up in place i go back in with the Superdrug vitamin E spray, this helps to soak up all the excess powder on my face and makes the make up last longer.

Thank you for reading, this is just the make up i reach for the most at the moment, you don't have to wear as much as i do, i thought i would just make this to show you guys what make up i wear and use.
Bye for now x