Camping trip to Norway

This summer I finally got the chance to visit Norway, even though I live in Finland, right next to Norway. Via Sweden, we drove about 20 hours to the Lofoten Islands, Norway. We had our tents, camp cooker and other food supplies with us, so it was handy to travel by car.

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A scene from the road

The first night we stayed in Sweden, near Abisko national park. The view was amazing and already very different compared to Southern Finland where I come from. The mountains were snowy up there, but the weather wasn't cold so I managed with a summer coat.

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Björkliden, Sweden
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A powerful and freezing waterfall

After Björkliden, Sweden, we headed back to the road. We drove 5 to 6 hours and finally reached our destination, the Lofoten Islands.

Here are some pics from the vacation

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Our camping site and the beach where it was located
  • Camping site was called Fredvang Strand og Skjærgårdscamping

Hiking trip to Kvalvika lasted longer than we thought, but the 2,5 h hike was worth it. There were many other hikers struggling with the slippery and sharp rocks on the way, so if you decide to visit Kvalvika, be prepared with supportive hiking boots! Finally we got to the end of the hike and saw that the beach and the mountains were amazing.

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beach, camping, and hiking image
More and more pics!
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In the photo on the left there is an extraordinary creature

On a another day we took a trip to to a cozy fishing village, where we took some pics with the sun setting behind the mountains and admiring the beauty.

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Last but not the least is Haukland beach, where locals get together to play volleyball and campers and hikers come for a meal near a breathtaking beach that is surrounded by mountains.

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All photos taken by me

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If you come from Finland or just simply want to see more pics from the Lofoten Islands, here is a link to a finnish blog that also motivatied me and my family to visit the Lofoten Islands:


- Inka Särestö