Today's article is going to be the start of a sort of series that i will do. I want to do a series where i tell you my favourite songs by some of my favourite artists. I am going to start off with 5 Seconds of Summer.

Background Information

5 Seconds of Summer are a rock band from Australia. The music they create is a mixture of pop punk and a boy band from the 2000’s. The band formed in 2011 when they started to upload videos on youtube, this is where they got noticed by Sony, who signed the band. In 2012 they released two EPs, that were called, Unplugged and Somewhere New. In 2013 they opened for One Direction on their tour. They released their debut album in 2014, which was called 5 Seconds of Summer and featured their hit song, She looks so perfect.


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Luke Hemmings, is the lead vocals and guitar.
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Michael Clifford, is on the guitar and vocals.
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Calum Hood, is on the bass and vocals.
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Ashton Irwin, is on the drums and vocals.

My Favourite Songs

  • Jet black heart
  • Safety pin
  • Broken home
  • Invisible
  • The girl who cried wolf
  • Fly away
  • Good girls
  • 18
  • Everything i didn’t say
  • Long way home
  • Amnesia
  • Voodoo doll
  • Heartbreak girl
  • Girls talk boys

Why i like 5SOS

I like 5 Seconds of Summer because i think that their music is quite different, i love all of their voices together and i think that they make amazing music.
I will admit i am not a fan of every single song they have brought out. Some of their songs just aren’t for me. However all the songs i have mentioned are all the ones i love and listen to the most. I think each song tells a story, and those are my favourite types of song.

Thank you for reading, if you have never heard of 5SOS then i hope this has encouraged you to listen to some of their songs, and if you like them then hopefully you found it interesting to see what songs i like of them.
Bye for now x