you know that feeling you get when you walk through an airport early in the morning? or through a supermarket late at night? or when you leave a movie theatre that feeling that something is slightly off - like you're in a dream? these places are what some people call liminal spaces, and these in-between places are what trigger these strange feelings.

my collection 'lucid dreaming' puts together some images that give me that same uneasy or dream-like feeling. being in a liminal space, at the crossroads, feels like lucid dreaming; you are aware of your surroundings but you feel slightly out of control. here are some of my favourite images that sum up this feeling.

Temporarily removed building, city, and hearts image sea, Roller Coaster, and grunge image photography image

if you like, write an article including your own images of liminal spaces, and send it to me! i'll add my favourites to the collection x