read. even if you only have five minutes to do it, read. read on the bus, when you're waiting to meet someone, when you wake up before your alarm goes off. it will make your mind sharp, and it will make your world less mundane.


take a shower. use your favourite, most beautiful-smelling soap. you don't need to save it for a special occasion; use it now. you deserve it. wash your hair, clean every part of you, draw on the fogged-up glass. it won't solve your problems but your hair will smell wonderful.


wash your sheets. make your bed. peg your pillows on the washing line outside so they smell of the garden.


go into a public place and sit down. take some time to watch things. sit in a cafe, a library, a museum. watch people read, talk to eachother, order their drinks. watch how much happens in five minutes. take notes. draw faces that you like. notice how busy people seem.


go on a music forum, on youtube or on a music app and find an album you have never listened to before. go for a genre you don't usually listen to, or an artist you've never heard of. listen to the entire thing while you go about your day. take the time to try something new.


that movie you keep saying you want to see? get it out at the library and watch it this weekend.


make a list of everything you want to do today. nothing is too small. check off boxes when you get up, make your coffee, have a shower. be proud of yourself for doing the everyday things you don't really want to do. give yourself a gold star for conquering the dishes, or reward yourself once you finally get through that particularly nasty textbook chapter. you deserve to reward yourself more for doing the things that seem small to other people but big to you.


that friend you haven't spoken to that you miss? text them. that friend that makes you feel small? text them less.


dig through your drawers. sell the things you hate or that you never wear, and use the money to buy something you love. find the old dress you've been saving for a special occasion forever. leave it out, and wear it tomorrow.


on that note...tell yourself to stop saving things for special occasions. you deserve that fancy box of tea now. wear that perfume. wear that red lipstick. stop telling yourself at the start of the day that today is not a special occasion. you don't know that. wear your best clothes, eat that cake, and start making your own occasions.