maybe an afternoon in an art gallery is one of the best possible ways to spend time. there are certain conditions that make such an afternoon a wonderful one; one, when it is raining outside; two, when the gallery has a good deal of windows and you can watch both the art and the rain; three, when you are not in a rush and you can take your time; and four, when you are with someone else.

of course a gallery trip is completely satisfactory when you're alone; an art gallery isn't a place where you can often feel lonely. but, if you are lucky enough to know a friend who is a perfect gallery companion, bring them with you. they will stand next to you and you can be silent together, and you'll notice twice as many things, and you will be sharing the quiet. and maybe when the rain stops, or maybe before it has, you can leave the gallery at long last and take refuge in the cafe you like best, with the big coffee mugs and the soft music.