So, this is my very first article, I'm really grateful for being one of the users that the WHI community selected to test the articles. Let's see how it goes.

Something that I think every girl should know it maybe the most basic topic or the most repeated one, but still, is something that not every girl acknowledge. I'm pretty sure we all been there, to that point where you are just existing, looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking I'm disgusting. Sad, but true. Or that you are just simply wondering Why am I even living? We, as girls have more pressure and struggles than boys, let's be honest. From Am I pretty enough? to Am I skinny enough?
Not gonna lie, those questions happen a lot in my mind, but not exactly like questions, its more like I'm awful or I'm too fat. It's kinda weird how those thoughts go throw our minds even though we are surrounded by people who constantly tell us that we, infact, are good enough, pretty enough and worth enough. Or at least, I'd like to think that, because that's my case; I'm surrounded (thank God) by good people, good friends, and loving parents who tell me at least once in the day that they love me, when I have my doubts about my body (which, btw I should not have, I'm skinny enough) they don't let me drown in my insecurities, they help me not to fall.

And I think that's what is important and what I want every girl who is reading this to know. We are humans, girls. We are strong. We are fearless. We all are BEAUTIFUL.
We should stop worrying about being size 00 and thin like all the models in magazines. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL.
Don't ever forget that. And if you need someone to talk, I hope you know you're not alone.
Also, if you just wanna chat and get to know me I'm so down for it! Just send me a postcard. See you soon!
Love xx,