Ever since you're a child they tell you do or to be something.

If you're a girl they people would tell you to use bright colors and wear dresses or stuff like that, and they will give you thing like small babies, dolls and also even kitchens to play with; you'll be in a ballet studio, or you'll do a ""girly" activity. While you're growing up you will not be recognised for your intelligence or your achievements as much as you will be criticized because of the way you dress, they'll treat you like "the weaker sex", and a lot of times a man will win instead of you only because you are a woman; some people will give you the place you deserve and most of the people will not. You will be pushed to do things you don't want to.

If you are a boy you will pobably be teached to treat women like "the weaker sex", they will tell you to be a man and would probably laught if you cry or show your feelings a little more than the rest, "don't be a girl" they would say, you will play with cars, tools, action toys, etc., you will not be allowed to wear bright colors and be taught to be a "macho"; you'll practice some sport or sh*t like that. While you're growing women will probably say you are an idiot or an asswhole, they'll think you are silly, and most of the people will expect you to do great things and be a champion, you'll allways have an advantage only beacause you are a man, but it will not be that easy, you will also be pushed to do things you don't want to, and you'll have to carry with the things everyone expects from you.

And then you are an adult, and you have "the age", people is expecting for you to do something, to be something, they want you to live your life in the way that most of the people has been living, suddenly, they want you to study, have a career, a job, a partner (that doesn't share your gender of course), they want you to get marry, have kids and a house and idk maybe also a dog (in that order). they think you should follow the pattern (even if you don't want to), and if you do, when you notice: you've never done something that goes totally with what you wanted to do because you decided to follow other's steps.

Even when a lot of people says "we're in the century XXI" society does not have an open mind about what the genders should do, or what people should live like. What if I am a boy but I want to play with dolls? or, what if I am a girl and I want to play with some Hotwheels? we should not put a limits based in the nature of our bodies and we should not put limits AT ALL. Everyone should be pushed to do and to be everything they want to, we should stop with the manners we've been whatching for years. We should be more creative, more intelligent, more educated, more idiot, more silly, more funny, more stupid, or more anything we want to be. Not everyone decides to follow the way, but most of the people does; and not everyone is forced to follow it, but most of us are constantly influenced by it, and the sad part is that this is not going to stop if we keep doing what we do, because, even if we don't notice, we allways start the cycle again, we keep raising our childs in the way we were raised.