The first months...
I would be annoyed, you and your friends would add on to it.
I would be in a mood that day, it was because of you.

The first year ...
I would have a frown on my face, you would be the one who can turn it upside down.
I would be confused in math class, you would break it down for me.
I would be serious, you would walk by, look at me, make a face and we would be smiling in seconds.
You took a joke to far, you would eventually realize your mistake and apologize.
I would get bothered by the littlest things, you would remind me how pointless it was to do so.

The second year...
I had tears rolling down my face, you would be the one to hear me out.
I wanted to do try something new, you would be the one doing it with me.
I would make a mistake, you showed me how to avoid doing it again.
You would make a mistake, we would talk it out, and remember that we're still growing.
I would be exhausted from the sleepless night before, and your shoulder would be my pillow.
I would be talked about behind my back, you would remind me how useless it was to worry about it.
I would push myself too much, you told me I needed to give myself a break.
I lost my dad, you told me that soon I would fine and would keep moving forward.
Where others failed to keep their promise to be there for me, there you were, by my side.
When I would be scared to be myself, thanks to your help, I have learned how it truly feels to be me and that there is no reason to hide it.

~For the two years my best guy friend and I have been friends and for the years that continue. I love you amigo and thank you for all the good you have brought into my life. <3