You meet different kind of people through your life.

Some are the most enjoyable, but others are the cruelest.

Some liars can't stop if their life depends on it

Meanwhile, some people are too nice

even if it means to give their last breath

Half of the male population are fuck boys, and the other half are gentlemen

We all can have two faces

that tell one thing, and the other tells another

As a matter a fact, some are so passive and over controlling

As you live your life, you have to choose who you want to be

and once you do choose, then you will come across others who are like you and others who are nowhere close to being similar to you

People tell us their lies and say that they are this, but in the real world there two faced liars. I’ve learned that people aren’t always what they say they are.

And that’s the worst part because your stuck here trying to figure out who you can trust and push away.

You can fall in love with them and find out later on that they can be the most aggressive person you could ever meet.

We search for the good ones out there who are loyal and honest but sometimes we come across the opposite of what we want

But see that’s the best part because we learn from those kinds of people. We learn from their mistakes and what they did to other that will make you think and stop.