She grabbed another piece of paper and started writing again.

«Ten reasons why I hate you 2.0»:

1. I hate that your friends are as dumb as you.
2. I hate that you’re smarter than me.
3. I hate that you always believe you’re right.
4. I hate that I have to admit it when you are.
5. I hate how, because of you, I have to write another ten reasons why I hate you.
6. I hate reason 5 because I only write these 10 reasons to convince myself that I hate you.
7. I hate that I cannot longer hate the things I used to hate about you.
8. I hate you.
9. I hate how I feel like I’ve just told a lie.
10. And I hate so much that, because of you, I’m not paying attention to the class.

He read the list really fast with a smirk on his face.
Then she hated had given him the list.
Because she wanted to add that she hated how his smile was irresistible.

Part 4