I Am…

I might be a fighter and a writer

Or a lover and a hater

But don’t be deceived by my looks

Cuz I’m somewhat a traitor

I might be kind and a little rude

And I might have lots of moods

But don’t be mislead by my attitudes

I might be a seeker or a hider

But I’m not a spider

I might be one those drivers

Who are some liars

But I know I’m not a bitter

I Know I’m a little hyper

But not a hiker

So I ask you this are you a lover

And a hater

Or a hider and a seeker

Do you need a lighter

For your cigarette to become a fighter

My hugs need to be a little tighter

So then my despair can be on fire

My craves for the vapor is a little higher

I think I’m a survivor

‘Cuz I’m a striver

And a lot wiser

I’m like a tiger

But not a minor

So be a designer

And put on your eyeliner

and become a writer