The paper came back to her hands.

He had written on the back:

«Ten reasons why you shouldn’t hate me»:

1. Because if I get in your life, is because I don’t want any idiot to hurt you.
2. Because if I break the rules, normally I do it to get your attention; and half of the time I get caught.
3. Because I don’t want a fan club, I just want you.
4. Because no matter how many times I smile at you, you don’t accept to go out with me.
5. Because I would stop smiling right now if that bothers you.
6. Because, when you forget who I am just for a couple seconds, I’m the happiest man on earth for the rest of the day.
7. Because half of the time you are the reason I smile.
8. Because you never give me the chance to prove to you how much I love you.
9. Because I only mess with my hair when I’m nervous, that’s why I can’t stop doing it when I’m around you.
10. And, most important of all, because I love you.

She had to reread the paper a thousand times to assimilate all the reasons.

She couldn't believe what he had said.

Part 3