He's a dork,
He’s immature,
He’s arrogant,
And she doesn’t know why —or at least she doesn’t want to realize—, but he’s always following her around.

He told her she couldn’t name ten reasons for hating him even if she tried.

She took a paper and started to write.

«Ten reasons why I hate you»:

1. I hate that you think you have some kind of right upon my life.
2. I hate that you break the rules and always get away with it.
3. I hate that you think you’re the best thing in the world because you have a fan club that really thinks you are.
4. I hate that you are so funny and sometimes make me laugh.
5. I hate that you believe that with one of your smirks, the world can make whatever you want.
6. I hate that you probably can.
7. I hate how you look so handsome when you laugh—and also when you aren’t.
8. I hate that you are handsome without having to laugh.
9. I hate that you chase me all the time.
10. And, more than anything, I hate that you are always messing your hair.

She gave him the paper.
She didn’t think he would reply.

Part 2