We are what we think we are. And that’s really hard to understand, especially when you feel like you’re sinking into this dark, inescapable hole. Trust me, I know, I’ve been down there. When I first began to read about cognitive science and how your thoughts shape your world, I was skeptical of it and distrusting. How was a small little thought going to change my world?, I thought. How was repeating to myself in the mirror that I was worthy of happiness make everything that seemed to being going wrong okay?

And when I started complimenting myself at first, I felt so silly. I felt like a fool who was lying to her reflection. But slowly over time, little things began to change. I started to accept my little flaws. I started to care less about what other people said about me. I started to notice and appreciate what I had in my life. I started to find happiness in little things. And I started to relate less to these “I’m broken” messages and more to positive/uplifting quotes. I’ve gotten to a point where I’m able to finally look back at my prior self and realize the little things that were becoming tipping points.