You wake up at the crack of dawn with your eyes still filled with sleep. Awaking by a beam of sunlight that slips through your curtains. It's a sunny morning. You lay in bed thinking about the weird, yet, wonderful dreams you've dreamt that night. It is peaceful. So peaceful. A lovely way to wake up and start your day. You open the curtains to see how the nature is doing. You hear the birds sing, you notice the flowers, the grass and you can smell the summer. It's a lovely smell.

After observing nature doing its things, you go out of your bed and prepare some breakfast. A delicious cup of coffee and a muffin is what you have in mind. While making your breakfast, music is playing from your record player. It's calming. As if there is nothing that can go wrong right now. Everything will be alright.

After your breakfast, you prepare a bath for yourself. While bathing you read a book and drink some more coffee. You get out of your bath, put on some clothes and get yourself ready to start the rest of your day.

That is what a perfect morning should be like.