Hey hearters! I'm very excited with the new Weheartit feature - articles. With this, I'm going to mainly focus on fashion, makeup and photography but I'm super random so I guess you'll never know what I'm gonna post about next.

Hey you, who are too afraid to cut your hair! I bet that after you read this post, your fear it totally gonna disappear.

Getting a haircut or hairstyle sometimes scares ourselves, it's something that goes beyond the fashion and trending area — we transform into another version of us, brand new but still beautiful. Excited to move foward and run to your favorite hair salon? Awesome, but check some inspiration first.

clothes girl
Long bobs still running the game after so long!
Superthumb Taylor Swift
Bangs and short hair lookin gorgeous.
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One of my fav type of hairs! Absolutely adore them.
beauty beauty
Long curly hairs have my heart too!
miley miley cyrus
Miley — the pixie haircut queen!
beauty kim kardashian
2 french braids? Not for Kim!
beauty hair
Messy and baby haired ponytails!
beauty black and white
Perfect for bad hair days!

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