Finding out it's the people you love most who hurt you the most is something no one should find out. Although I'm pretty sure most found out already. Then again I think about how pointless some things are. Because look at us, we're breathing,living creatures and its amazing what we did. It's insane to be honest.Our planet is wonderful and we really should enjoy living our life. But then again you think about how small we actually are and that our personal life matters alot. And here I am contradicting myself. See how messy it gets in my head. I care alot about people, maybe too much, but oh well. I don't think it's a bad thing. It makes people be at ease when they know you care and listen to their endless talking. I totally got off topic. Doesn't matter. So yes, going back from where i started. Getting hurt by people is f*cked up. If anyone knows how to handle it, I'm open for suggestions. Reading this all again makes me think it was a bad idea maybe. There's too much in my head.