Hey hearters! I'm very excited with the new Weheartit feature - articles. With this, I'm going to mainly focus on fashion, makeup and photography but I'm super random so I guess you'll never know what I'm gonna post about next.

Velvet pieces are slowly getting their way into our wardrobes. Lots of fashion bloggers and celebrities already fell in love for this new trend and I believe that it's gonna get more, more & more popular. This type of fabric often appears in dresses, shorts, skirts... it leaves outfits cooler and modern! Do you wanna get some inspo? Check the images below:

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Perfect for night outs!
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Even in skirts you can get a powerful outfit with velvet!
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Velvet shorts and tops are also perfect for a comfy look.
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Whoever said that velvet and sweatshirts did not work out together โ€” they're wrong!

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