He was the kind of poison you take even tho you know it will kill you. Sometimes you're just too blind to see that people are so different yet so equal to one another. And you want to believe they're good and would never harm you in any way or form. But you know better, right? Because if you don't... you should.
And it's such a tragedy. Because romance is so full of lies and irrelevant gifts. Apologies are no more sincere. Kisses just lead to touches that leads to sex. Hanging out is no more about going for a walk at the park, or invitations for lunch or dinner... it's about staying home doing nothing.
And love? Oh, don't get me started. Love is not real. Love is just one more lie. People think it's better to be with someone than being alone even tho they don't feel the same about the other person. Truth is no one likes to be completely alone neither feeling lonely. But here is some advice: if you're not prepared to truly be with someone... leave them be. Don't burn someone just because you want to feel the flame of passion.