Published on August 21st, 2017, please note that the situation on the Discover page has changed over time!

Hi lovelies! Welcome to my article! I’m doing a series of these, all for people starting out on WHI and those who are aspiring to be WHI-famous. If you’ve been on WHI for a long time, you’ll probably know most of these things already. However, I still advise you to keep on reading as you’re bound to learn something :)

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Today I’ll be starting at the beginning (duh), which I think is the All Images page. I’ll tell you how to get on there, how it works and all that jazz.

Why am I making this article about the All Images page?
I’m making this because I never see this part in WHI guides, and yes I know this is incredibly boring to read about, but it’s so crucial for you to understand how the most important page on WHI works if you want to get ‘famous’ on here. Not everyone knows how it works, and that’s why I’m making it. I genuinely hope you enjoy it and learn something :)



Probably the most prominent factor that makes WeHeartIt stand out from other sites is the All Images page. It’s the place where you inspire, get inspired, and discover other hearters. It’s different from your dashboard because pictures from every hearter can end up there.
The only way a picture of yours gets on the All Images page is by uploading a picture. This doesn’t happen to every uploaded picture ever though. That’s where the first rule comes in.

Rule #1: Your picture needs 4 hearts in total (so one of you and 3 of other people) to get on the All Images page.

You could upload pictures into eternity, and still not end up on the page. You NEED the 3 hearts from other people, there’s no way around it. When you’re just starting out as an uploader and have close to zero followers, getting those 3 hearts can be very difficult, I know. But if you keep on hearting and uploading, you’ll get followers who help you there eventually. Don’t give up :)


There is a problem though.
You’d think that when you finally receive those 3 hearts of other people, you immediately get on the page, right? Actually, that’s not always the case. You see, when you post a picture directly on WHI, so using your phone or using the ‘post image’ function on your computer, it takes 5-10 minutes extra for your picture to get on the All Images page. (Honestly, I don’t know why the hell this is. It doesn’t make sense whatsoever. Maybe it’s a glitch or something?)

What’s important to know here is that the All Images page is in order of the time it took you to get the 4 hearts on your picture. If it took you 2 minutes, you’re very likely to be the top picture. However, if it took you about half an hour, you’re bound to be further down the bottom. Do you see the problem yet?
If you’re aspiring to be a ‘famous’ hearter, you want as much time on the All images page as possible, because that’s the place where you can be discovered by other hearters. 5-10 minutes is, therefore, an awful lot of precious time wasted on not being on the All Images page. However, there’s a way to avoid the extra time, hence the next rule:

Rule #2: If you post from a different platform, such as Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest et cetera, your picture will immediately be posted on the All Images page once it has 4 hearts.

For those who don’t know, you can post a picture from a different platform using the heart-button or the add-url button. Unfortunately, you only have that option on a computer.

On a side note, I’ve been posting from Tumblr since the very beginning, and it honestly makes such a difference. I will never tell you what to do but I strongly advise you to post from a different platform if you’re aspiring to be ‘WHI-famous’.

UPDATE: AFTER READING THIS ARTICLE, WHI OFFICIALS HAVE FIXED THE PROBLEM I DESCRIBED ABOVE. YOU CAN POST FROM THE WHI APP ITSELF, YOU JUST NEED 4 HEARTS TO GET ON THE ALL IMAGES PAGE, THERE'S NOT EXTRA TIME ANYMORE. I also found out that you needed 8 hearts on a post if you wanted your image from WHI to be posted, so I was kinda wrong about the extra time
Okay last official rule of WHI I’ll tell you about. This one is also necessary to know and stops you from uploading like it’s the fucking WHI Olympics.

Rule #3: There need to be 5 pictures of other people between two of your posts on the All Images page.

Maybe this one needs some explaining. You see, if one of your posts ends up on the All Images page in say, 5 minutes, and it is the very top post, it’s unnecessary for you to directly post another picture. I mean, you can obviously post a picture, but that picture will not end up on the All Images page (even with 4 hearts). You’ll need to wait until 5 pictures are above your last upload, and then you can upload a picture again. Again, there is no way around this.

If you don’t need to have/want your pictures on the All Images page, you can live your life without this rule perfectly. Do whatever you want I guess haha.

In a side note, I advise beginning hearters to post multiple pictures at once, as they’ll then have more chance of getting one picture on the page. With 2-4 posts a time you’ll get a bigger chance of ending up on the page! (You see, you’re very lucky to even receive 1 heart on a picture within 15 minutes at the beginning; hopefully this tip will help you out).
Please don’t misread this advice, don’t start posting 10 pictures a minute. This does not work the way you want it to. Posting pictures at that rate will put off people from following you/make people unfollow you, even if your feed is extraordinary. You will clog up people’s dashboards. It’s also really exhausting and not fun to post up to 300 pictures a day. Please don’t.


If you are for some reason still reading, thank you! You made it through the official part haha. Lastly on the topic of ‘rules of the All Images page’, I want to talk about some unofficial rules. These won’t help you whatsoever in gaining followers, so if that’s what you’re looking for you can move along here.
However, they can help you in making people not perceive you as an asshole.

Rule #4: Don’t immediately re-upload a picture if it’s on top of the All Images page. It’s really rude and it’s also incredibly annoying to have the same two pictures on there. Just don’t.

If you like the picture, either heart it from that person or save it for later (I mean putting it in a queue, I’ll get to that another time). Don’t be that person. I get that it can happen accidentally, but just try to avoid it at all times.

Rule #5: Don’t clog up the All Images page with many many many accounts, just make collections on one account jfc.

(Please don’t take this one too seriously, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s not meant for you)

Okay, that’s it for now, thank you so much for reading! I’m making this a series; so stay tuned for more articles about WHI stuff.

If you have any questions or you just want to talk to me, I’d say that my inbox is always open, but for some reason the postcards don’t work for me properly… So you can email me, my email address is!

Bye sweeties!

Xxx Sabine (@the_night_skies)

PS: sorry not sorry for the swearing