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I always pictured myself living in an urban setting. But nowadays I come to question if that's what I really want.

Every time I close my eyes I don't see the city lights or skyscrapers, on the contrary, I see myself in the woods...surrounded by nature.

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I look up to find the tall trees covering the blue sky. I hear birds chirping and feel the wind blowing through my hair. I can feel the grass and leaves touch my skin.

I use to think I wanted to live in a crowded city, surrounded by people.

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At times when I go downtown my mind gets cleared but in those few seconds I start to notice my surroundings. People are staring! My anxiety goes into overdrive.

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But when it comes to the woods or the forest everything goes away. I can finally have a break. My mind shuts off and I'm at peace. You may see rural areas as boring, at times I do too, but if nature is involved my mindset changes completely. The forest...the woods are my safe haven.

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I always pictured myself in an urban setting...but now I come to question if that's where I'm suppose to be.

- mayra


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