"You can't have pizza for breakfast." Ike rolls his eyes.
"Watch me!" Pit chirps, shoving the entire slice of pizza in his mouth.
"Hurry up, we've still got boxes to unpack." Ike gestures towards the boxes scattered across the apartment.
"Eat some fruit. You can't work on an empty stomach." Pit demands, sliding the fruit bowl towards Ike.
"Fine." Ike mutters.
Pit heads into the living room and begins to unpack some more. Ike watches, becoming bored and unmotivated. A thought comes across his mind and makes him smile. He has an idea.
He turns on the radio and begins to play music. Fun, upbeat music. He begins to dance as Pit watches curiously. There is no structure to his dance, but he seems to move perfectly in tune to the beat. Pit begins to laugh and dance with him, forgetting about the boxes.
Once the two grow tired, they flop down onto the couch and stare at all the boxes. Pit snuggles up to Ike and looks into his eyes fondly.
"We could put the green vase there." Pit points to a small table beside the television.
"And the sign can go there." Ike points to the empty space above the television.
"And your lips can go here." Pit puts a finger on his lips and giggles.
Ike grabs his chin and kisses him softly. Pit runs a hand through Ike's hair and wraps his arms around his shoulders.
"We can unpack later." Ike decides.
"Agreed." Pit mumbled.