Hey, it's Ani. :)

First of all I would like to thank WHI for giving me and many other Hearters the opportunity to participate in a test phase for the new feature "Articles" launching thursday. Since I joined tumblr, another social media platform, I had great interest in writing things online, but a big bummer for me was that there was just no one there to read what was on my mind. As the follower count on my WHI account grew with the time, I wished for a feature with which we could be able to write longer texts on WHI as well.
But the thing is:
Now that that feature finally has arrived, I feel like I have not a single idea what to write. I mean, of course I have a few ideas, but I feel so pressured about what I write because I'm not sure if my followers will like it and I don't want to disappoint them. But then again, I feel like nobody will want to read what I write.
I guess I'll just watch how this new feature will grow and write a few articles here and there.
See you soon,
- Ani <3