The beautiful high ceiling boasted its original plaster coving. Two tall, sash windows were simply dressed with delicate white voiles. Plain fairy lights hung lazily around a massive gilded mirror that leaned up against a wall directly in front of two stand-alone, cast iron baths. A strong, floral aroma filled the air. As Bea stepped closer, she saw that one of the baths had already been run, which also identified the aroma’s source as rose petals floated on top of the water. It looked incredibly inviting, and she tested the temperature with her hand. Her mood had certainly improved with the prospect of a warm, scented soak. She let the cold tap run as she got undressed, and finally eased herself in. It felt heavenly, and her eyes closed as she settled down in the petal lagoon. She had no more thoughts of the day, and all her troubles soon melted away.