So first time for me to reveal this,
being Zayn Malik's fan it is not just I like his songs or because he have that perfect personality and appearance yet but he is like the motivation for me in particular. I watched Zayn's audition in X-factor back then I loved how brave he was to go in there to becoming a member of the One Direction and producing all those albums although no offend I felt that he didn't agree for it at the beginning I thought he was happy with the other members on his band but when he left it just made me think "well maybe he left because he don't want to put the band down and he needed to discover himself and to prove he can come up with a lot of albums alone without getting written songs" honestly I might not know what things he had to go through but I'm sure he knew how to work it out by himself despite the races he've been through and all the bad comments he received he was still the best for me and that didn't affect the picture I have built for him.

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He is the motivation for me especially when I write ohh and I don't forget that I wrote two fiction novels of him that was more than enough for me. I really wish that he stay successful and no one affect on him and to have the perfect long life with Gigi.
I say to him "Dear Zayno I'm really glad to be your fan and supporter and I love you so much.."💜

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