Bea's attention became distracted by a new customer that walked straight past her, without so much as a word or a glance. After around five minutes, curiosity got the better of her, and she went to search for the young man. She found him at the other end of the bookshop, tucked away in the little coffee nook. He’d taken a seat an old, brown, leather-winged armchair. Bea stopped in her tracks on seeing another man sitting in her uncle’s favourite place of solitude. She took a deep breath and forced herself forward. The man looked bewildered at her approach.
“Hi.” She extended her hand. “I’m Bea.”
He looked speechless and stared at her like she was a crazy woman. Bea immediately lowered her hand, wondering why he didn’t reciprocate. Did I startle him? she wondered. “Sorry, I normally greet people straight away, but you walked to the back of the shop and-”
“I’m Chance,” he interrupted, jumping to his feet, looking rather awkward while extending his hand.
Bea wondered what was wrong with him, maybe he’s just shy? “Nice to meet you, Chance.” She thought his name unusual but didn’t mention it. “Please, help yourself to refreshment, and if you can, leave a small donation in the pot. Just call if you need any help.”
“Thank you.” His eyes looked everywhere else, but her.