Karian stood allowing the bitter wind to bite at his skin. His eyes watered from the chilling harshness wailing against his body, which had turned partially numb. The vacant space in which he stood, barren and cold, which remained uninhabitable since the ancient elders returned from Earth. It was known as Nede then, the garden of splendour, where its pole joined to Earth’s Eden. Somewhere within these ice-capped mountains, the circular stone portal is known as the axis mundi that he used to hear stories about still existed, but it’s power long gone. Nede, once a land of beauty, where Sidhe mingled daily with humankind. After the fall, the portal was closed and the sudden withdrawal of energy had a devastating effect far-reaching their realm to earth. Floods removed much of the evidence of the Otherworldly beings ever having lived amongst humans. It was as if they never were and that same sentiment stirred within his soul. It’s what brought him here, a feeling of something that seemed as if it never was. He stood at the edge of time, a place between worlds, attached only by memories. Everything white, desolate, and hundreds of feet below, a snowy blanket stretched out for miles. One wrong step and his torment would end. He felt a strange comfort in the thought, but he didn’t come here to die, he came to cold-burn her soul from his own until the frost fully penetrated the warm flesh of his heart. How long would it take for the pain to bleed into ice where he could then crack it open and remove the pieces of her that remained? It was a sting he would welcome for release. Since he arrived in Emeritias, after Coldfall, he felt adrift. He wasn’t alone in the feeling, the others that were forced to return didn’t quite fit in either after their time on earth. Most had joined the Heaven Stone, not knowing their place in Farlyn’s Court, or sent as penance, though that wasn’t an option for him, never was. His father’s disappointment ran deep, just as it did in the Court of Eliseis. No-one had forgotten the day he left or why. Alithia’s death had strengthened the divide of both Courts, everyone felt it, the heaviness in the air like a pre-warning sign of a storm. The boundaries were more secure than he remembered with regular patrols ensuring that the Courts were kept separate. He, a prince in the realm, just as divided, wandering with no purpose.