Cute and small yet deadly and fierce... I mean how can something be so small be so evil... Maybe it's because we don't worship them anymore... or maybe because everyone thinks dogs are better... or even.
"Excuse me Ma'am is this seat taken?"
I look up and see a very tall man
"Oh I'm sorry, yea no I mean yes wait e-erm yea this seat isn't taken"
He chuckles and looks down on me
"It's fine love"
He takes the seat next to me looking at my computer screen honestly I don't care what he thinks about my article I mean it's nothing special just a random article that I got inspired by a movie, I don't remember the movie's name Sweet..? Or maybe Candy...? Aghhh focus you need this article done by tonight or else, I look around the cafe and see a bunch of people on their laptop ignoring the world I mean I'm no different but this generation is always on their phones or whatever it would be nice to have an actual conversation face to face instead of texting.
"What are you writing about?"
"Hey Brock my place tonight"
A very gorgeous woman with very big boobs and very tiny clothes goes over to the angel who's name is Brock apparently
"Sorry Carly I can't I'll be hanging out with this cute little lady named...." he looks over at expecting me to tell him my name what do I do I never talked to a guy like him before what do I say?!!!?! What wait where am I?? Right the name
"Well then Carly tonight I'm hanging out with Aurora"
"Yes Aurora you and me will be going on a date tonight at the ice skating rink at 8"