(ps this post was originally made by witchy-tips on tumblr)
1. Clear your intention: Think about what it is that you want. Be clear with your wants. and desires. Example: If you’re doing a spell to help find a job. Be clear with what kind of employment you’re looking for. Consider distance, profession, pay. Don’t just ask the universe to hand you a “Job”

2. Clear your space: Clear your space of negativity and distractions. Example: If you’re doing a luck spell, Don’t just wing it. Cleanse your space with herbs, reduce noise, clutter, or things that will get in your way. This could also mean people. Meaning, If there is company, or people around you who are not involved in the spell try to find a calm peaceful space where they won’t effect the outcome.

3. Improvise premade Spells: If you’re using a spell from a book, Or online (Tumblr) switch up the spell to make it personal and doable for you. Example: If the spell calls for lavender and you don’t have it use other calming ingredients like salt, Or your favorite calming incense.

4. Protect Yourself: No matter what spell you are doing, Always protect yourself before during and after. Example: Before your spell wear protective crystals or draw sigils on your body. During the spell create a protective circle, And after take a cleansing and protective bath with herbs and salt.