if i argue with you then i care. if i just go along with what you're saying then i don't want to hear anything you have to say and i just want to get out of this conversations as fast as possible. that's when you should know you need to stop.

if you tell me to stop arguing or debating or wanting to poke hols into every little thing then you just don't want me or the things i do.

i get so headed and i just speak my mind and if what you think i say isn't something you want to hear and would rather i be silenced then you're not gonna get the real me any more and i'll disappear and look for something else.

i will always have something to say about anything and if i don't then i don't want to talk to you. that just how i am. start a topic and get it going and that's how i work. not independently. i'll talk about anything YOU want to talk about, doesn't matter what i want to talk about till it leads to that. when i want to say something i will, or at least try.

even if i'm completely wrong and you know that because you know more about the subject then prove it to me don't tell me i just don't know what i'm talking about because i'll believe it till its proven differently.


and if you don't get that or comprehend that ten there's no way you'll be able to stand being around me or talking to or advising me. there's no chance that if you give me advice that i'll take it, only for certain things. i'm just looking for an answer that may or may not be what lousy i just like to know others opinion in order make mine.