(ps this post was originally made by witchy-tips on tumblr)
1. Cleanse your Crystal - This is the most important step. Cleanse. Your. Crystal. Yourself. Use herb smoke, Energy work, Sunlight, Moonlight, Prayer, What ever works for YOU.
2. Cleanse Yourself - This is equally as important as cleansing your crystal because you want to be in a clear calm state. You don’t want any outside forces influencing your work.
3. Once you are clear with your intention and desire hold your crystal in your hands. Visualize what you want, Speak aloud or in your thoughts. Be Clear. Be repetitive. Feel it.
4. Feel the energy and warmth leaving your hands, And entering the crystal. Make it yours, And fill it with your desire.
5. Continue these steps until you feel the crystal has fully absorbed all the vibrational energy.

That’s all! The crystal will now hold your intention, And will amplify your attract your desire.
(To reverse this process, Do the same steps with intention of cleansing and release the energy.)